23.05.2017–24.05.2017, Orel, Moskovskaya street, 77

III International Scientific-practical Conference "Information Technologies and Innovations on Transport"

The III International Scientific and Practical Conference " Information Technologies and Management of Transport Systems" (May 23 - 24, 2017, Orel) was held at the Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev and aroused great interest among representatives of scientific, scientific and educational institutions, as well as enterprises and organizations of the road transport complex. The conference was attended by the leading scientists from the Russian Federation, the United States, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Serbia, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Key problems highlighted during the conference and requiring a scientifically grounded solution are: problems and prospects for remote monitoring of the psychophysiological state of drivers and prompt information to traffic participants about changing the traffic situation; the development of ITS - Inteligent Transportation Systems both at the national and regional levels; prospects for monitoring the processes of transport of dangerous and specific goods based on satellite navigation systems; increase the efficiency of operation of hybrid cars and semi-active suspension systems; improvement of innovative methods of diagnosing car parts, assemblies and assemblies; the development of new methods for strengthening the processing of units and parts of vehicles; decision support systems to minimize logistics costs; management of personnel of service enterprises and methods for assessing the quality of services provided; development of new methods for traffic flow control and transportation processes; development of research methods for passenger flows; improving the quality of passenger and cargo transportation; creation of systems for the ecological monitoring of road traffic flows, approaches to reducing road traffic accidents and the severity of their consequences, justifying scientific approaches to the creation of autonomous vehicles.

The conference presents reports decisive important scientific and technical problems in various areas of the road transport complex: integrated mechanisms for assessing the professional reliability of the driver based on system information interaction; problems and prospects for the development of transport systems in the region; research in the study of the psychological status of the driver as a means of improving road safety; a program-targeted approach to improving the level of road safety; scientifically grounded approaches to the organization of intellectual monitoring of the impact of vehicles on the acoustic environment of the city, optimization of the urban passenger transport. The presented works make a significant impact on the solution of the main tasks in the field of information technology and innovations in transport.


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